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Vapek offers an attractive "Free trial" of their E-cig for $4.95 shipping of course. What they fail to mention on their website (unless you click the terms and conditions) is this enrolls you in a 99.95 a month "Auto-ship" program!

and unless your part of the 25% that take the extra step to find out what the catch is your charged 99.95 in 12 days. If you discover this fine small print and decide you dont want to be charged every month you have 7 days to return the product which was just said to be yours free, or else they will charge you 49.95! This company hopes people do not discover the auto-ship program and they can get 99.95 out of everyone they rope in with this attractive offer before they discover it and cancel.

Very SCANDALOUS Vapex! You should be ashamed!

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Can I just call and cancel the auto shipment?




You guys took too much money out of my account and overdrafted it I'm mad

Billings, Montana, United States #1230223

So here is the number that I've been able to reach someone on

1-800-263-6469.... I'm pissed as *** cuz they took more out of my account than the $4.95.... Buyer beware.....


thay charged me the fee that should not have been takin out till i got paid and that overdrew my account at the bank i cant find a phone number to get them to give it back

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #1207252

I'm so glad I have started reading comments on products before I get them even maybe especially " free" ones. I'm sorry that someone had to be taken for a ride for me to be able to Dodge a scam...but I promise to post when I am the one that is in that position to warn all my cyber friends out there...thank you guys...


*Sighs* sure wish i wouldve reviewed this before i called and gave my dc info!! Thankfully it has nothing on it.

Will be calling to cancel card first thing in the mørning! Thanks you guys


Yes people do not give out your real phone number,give them your ***-hole neighbors phone number.GO TO WAL-MART or any store for that matter and purchase a $20.00 gift card.use the numbers on that card so when they call you to pay the $100 it won't be on there.screw em


Don't ever give them your credit card number in the first place. In the future, buy a few gift cards, only put a small amount on it, and when they try to rip you off, it will not go through.

Plus, always put a incorrect digit in your phone number, and that way they can't blow up your phone trying to wheedle more cash out of you.

Good luck, and never give them your credit card number. Never.

Beaumont, Texas, United States #1127944

Well sportsfans, it's what I call the typical, American, smoke and mirrors,(pun intended) snide slight of hand ripoff if you are not paying minutely close attention. These clowns are somewhat different than the average, run of the mill, auto ship shysters, because they get right on your credit card in less than the regular 30 scam.

It's just amazing how companies are allowed to actually render false advertising, with little or no chance of having any legal repercussions. These asswipes don't get you time for the smoke to even settle before they attack your credit card. As I have learned from previous experiences, when I choose to get involved in these "free" giveaways, I go out and purchase a gift card, or a card that I only have a small amount of balance on, and that way, when these crocodiles come in for another ***, the charges are declined because it only has about $4.31 left on it. Then they begin to try to blow up my phone, but they can't because I make a point of inserting a digit out of place.

So be aware guys, if it sounds waaay too good to be true, it definitely ain't. And just like the young hip girls like to say when they catch their boyfriends cheating, "Two can play that game".

Good luck, and never give any of these fcukwads your true credit card numbers. Spring for the 5 bucks for a gift card, it will save you thousands in grief and drama.


800-801-1846 and it'll take 6-8 weeks but should have full refund and cancelled account I requested never be opened in the first place


Same thing here and now can't stop it! How do you do that?

to Anonymous #1121472

I called and bitched. Now I have to wait for whatever they sent to show up then return it and once they receive it they say 5-7 weeks before $69.99 is returned to my credit card. Once I've been fully refunded I will probably get a new CC so they don't have my number any longer


How do you stop them from using your credit card

to Anonymous #1121476

Complete inconvenience but you need to get a new card. 800-801-1846 is number I called to confront them and to request a full refund which I should have but will take 6-8 weeks


here is the number to call800-263-6469 tell them you are going to call the better business bureau and they get nervous!!! I ordered mine a month ago and they have given me the run around....

still no e-cig says it will be here feb 16, I told them if it is not I will be calling better business bureau!!! I also confirmed that I am not on reoccurring order but will get new debit card sent to me also as I do not believe a word out of any of their mouths!

GO TO VAPE STORE save yourself the hassle!


Thank you!! Saw there commercial and thought about trying glad I came across this.


This happened to me today

That was money i had saved for my babys birthday they will not put it back they refused to let me speak to a manager. Im trying to find a corporate number

to Anonymous #1108268

I'm so sorry...

to Anonymous #1130098

That sucks,sorry to hear that.

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